Information on reimbursement for the cost of medications provided at Provis Infusion Clinic Inc.

  1. The cost of IV chemotherapeutic agents infused at the Provis Infusion Clinic, plus a fee for the clinic’s service, is charged to the patient .
  2. In some cases, the patient’s 3rd party insurers may cover all or part of the drug cost and will reimburse the patient directly
  3. Additionally, there may be an assistance program for the medication you require that may be able to help with additional reimbursement. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: payment for treatment is due to Provis Infusion Clinic prior to the commencement of treatment.

Does your Plan cover the medication you need?
If you are not sure if a medication is covered by your private insurance plan, your insurance carrier must be contacted to determine the extent of your coverage. We will need to supply the insurance company with your policy number or group health benefits number (if you do not know this number, the Human Resources manager at your employer will have it). The insurance carrier will also require the name of the drug and the drug information number (DIN) of the particular medication you are prescribed. Please contact our Clinic Administrator for further information or if you have any questions. The following are the medications currently provided at Provis Infusion Clinic:

Medication - DIN

Abraxane™ - 02281066

Alimta™ - 02253437

Avastin® - 02270994

Caelyx® - 02238389

Carboplatin - 02125439 

Cisplatin - 02126613

Eloxatin® - 02296268

Erbitux® - 02271249

Gemzar™ - 02230309

Halaven® - 02377438

Herceptin® - 02240692

Jevtana® - 02369524

Perjeta® – 02405016

Remicade® - 02244016

Rituxan® - 02241927

Taxotere® - 02177099/02177080

Topotecan® - 02344009

Torisel® - 02304104

Treanda® - 02392569

Vectibix® - 02308487

Venofer® - 02243716

Velcade® - 02262452

Zometa® - 02242725

For information on Private Insurance Plans (types of plans, coverage of medications, copays, deductibles, special authorization for reimbursement of certain medications, appealing refused claims, etc.) See this link:



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