Directors and Officers of Provis Infusion Clinic Inc.

Provis Infusion Clinic Inc. was established by a group of health care professionals who are interested in the changing landscape of healthcare delivery in Canada. Our four directors have many years of experience in designing, founding and operating health care companies and freestanding clinics in Canada.

The Provis Team

Graham Vincent, BPHE, MBA
President, Provis Infusion Clinic.
Graham has over 25 years of business management experience in providing patient oriented services in the healthcare industry. He has successfully built and lead several leading healthcare organizations.  Graham provides overall managment and oversees administration of the clinic.

Physician Team 
Our physician team provides on-site direct supervision of all infusions.  Our team consists of emergency room physicians and oncologists.   

Pharmaceutical Team
Our pharmaceutical team consists of three experienced Oncology Pharmacists and three Pharmacy Technicians. Your medications are always mixed on site by a Pharmacy Technician who are supervised by the Pharmacist. All of the medication compounding is done on site to make things as seamless and flexible for the patient as possible.  Ostap Mojsiak our Director of Pharmaceutical Services oversees our team.

Administrative Staff
Our helpful and friendly office staff provide efficient and seamless administrative services from first patient contact to completion of treatment. They take pride in anticipating the needs of our patients and referring physicians while ensuring smooth business operations at the clinic.

Nursing Team
We recognize the invaluable contribution an experienced nurse can make to the patient experience in intravenous therapies. Our nurses are highly trained and certified in their oncology specialty, with many years of experience in patient care. All of our nursing staff also work at major cancer centres in Toronto. Their compassion and respect for each patient’s individuality has a lasting, positive effect on the well being of our patients.


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